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We would like to welcome you to the web’s number one resource for free access to Minecraft online. From the start-up of this site, our team has been completely determined to provide gamers with access to Minecraft for free. With so many people using this wonderful game to showcase their creative talents, we felt it was necessary to create a Minecraft community where players could gather and enjoy the game together. After being regular players for more than 5 years, our team of web development professionals has created a brand-new platform which gives you access to Minecraft for free.  You can find the link to this platform at the bottom of this page.


Before playing Minecraft for free, please read through our Terms of Use.


As a user of our free Minecraft Platform, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • At no point in time will you, the user, cause harm to another player’s gaming experience in any of the following ways:
    1. Griefing
    2. Spam
    3. Derogatory comments or actions
    4. Insults, racism, homophobic comments or anti-minority statements
    5. Destroying the work of others (creations, buildings, etc.)


  • By clicking the “Play Minecraft For Free” button below, you are using a legitimate link to the Minecraft server. We are providing you with free access to the game, not a private server.


  • You must have a legitimate username from the official Minecraft website in order to play Minecraft for free.


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  • Breaking any of the above terms and conditions may result in direct and immediate ban from our services.


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I accept the terms, download minecraft for free here